Our Christmas gift from the the family when we visited them in  Calgary was an evening of Escape from a locked room.  This is an event/experience more popular than the old paint ball team challenges.

Your team is locked in a room where you have to solve many clues to find the keys and secret passages to finally escape.  Many groups never succeed.

So our kids and Grandkids joined us for a dual escape (2 rooms 2 teams). I was selected to be the leader of one team and the Bride was the leader of the competition.

I had never done this before so when my team were locked in a room with many clues I had a few reservations.  I was not sure if the team would be able to perform in an effective manner.   Fortunately I was able to take a leadership role and delegate to those that had special skills and game experience to work the solutions.  Mason proved handy in crawling under beds and working little locks that my fingers could not handle.

With my leadership, we solved clue after clue and eventually moved into the next room.  The team was working on high efficiency at this point and when I finally unlocked the last chest to reveal the giant Ruby Jewel  it was glorious.  We almost set a record for the fastest escape.

A great team effort where everyone participated, but again that is what a leader should encourage.

We finished so early I was able to watch the live video of the competing team where they were running around leaderless like chickens.