On Saturday morning we woke to 2 inches of fresh snow.  We thought that we had missed the big dumps that Vancouver was getting but not this time.  So I was up early and fired up the snow blower and did the driveway.  It was cool and the snow was light so the machine worked as it was designed to.  I could run it in 4th gear so a fast walking pace and the snow flew.

I completed my driveway so quickly I moved on to do the houses next door then did the sidewalk for 8 houses in either direction on both sides of the street.  Then went down to do a couple of friend’s homes on the adjoining street.  Came home in about 45 minute feeling pretty good and  through the day received several phone calls and emails from people thanking me.

Last night it snowed again so I thought I would get up early and repeat.  Problem was that the temp was +3 C and earlier the street plows came by and piled all the street snow on the sidewalks.  The snow did not blow it sort of glooped out the thrower.   I finished my driveway OK but the 2 foot ridge of plowed snow on the sidewalks was like partially set concrete.  My machine even in bull low gear just could not handle it.  Now if I could have quit after doing my own property that would have been enough but due to the thank yous I felt obligated to try and repeat the range I did on Saturday.  Very tough going and when I finally got home after 2 hours I was exhausted.

There is a lesson there somewhere.