I was reading that Norway, with the new year, has cancelled FM signals for radios.  AM signals were cancelled years ago.  The new concept is DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

I have no idea what this means, but as I am a senior, I fear the change.

You may recall many blogs ago my story where, when I bought my second car in the 60s, I was thrilled because it came with a radio that could receive an FM signal, which at the time was the only station that did not play Lawrence Welk all day.  We cruised to the FM station groove all the time.

Since then I have had a problem with lost technology that worked so well.  I accepted the move from Microsoft Vista to Microsoft 7 and eventually to 10, because it was evolutionary.  We even introduced an Apple product to our lifestyle (an iPad) and have learned to love it.

But we remained true and loyal to our flip phone for our cell phone requirements.   I used to brag to those who stumbled to figure out how to sweep and to answer a phone , while with ours, you just opened and closed it. Easy peasy.  Granted they could look up the temperature in Moscow on their phones (assuming they had mastered how to answer a call) and that might be nice, but it never convinced me that this was better than FLIP THE PHONE OPEN AND TALK, AND FLIP THE PHONE CLOSED TO HANG UP.

Anyway our phone company said they would no longer support our traditional phone, and we had 2 weeks to move on.  The photo is the old faithful compared to the new machine.

So we are now the proud owners of a phone that tells us the temperature and can find us with GPS anywhere in the world, and apparently, may even predict our thoughts.

Pat and I are poking it with a stick to see if it is safe…