This afternoon I finished the model of the Diana.

I spent the last couple of days just touching up the paint and futzing.  Finally said, enough already it is done.  We were chatting with Janine on the phone when I came to that realization.

3 years on this project.  Kind of mixed feelings.  Glad to be done but I enjoyed the time.

I am going to do some simple projects for awhile before I think of my next model.  One possible project is to take over the kit model of the Golden Hind that my buddy Harry started and abandoned.  I realize it is a kit but it would be an easy task since the hull is complete with the first layer of planking so just the detail work I enjoy.  I also have a commission from Monique to make her a new jewellry box.  So I will not go into depression.

I hope Dave and Kelly are happy with this.  It is not a fully rigged model, it is more of an artistic venture called an Admiralty style.  Basically a model builder showing off his skills on the hull.  Not sure I will ever be able to do this again.

By the way note the base.  When Janine visited I was showing her the two bases I had made for this model. (one mahogany and one maple)  She nixed them both so I showed her a piece of cherry that I had rejected because it had flaws including a bark on one side.  She told me that is what I should use and I am so happy with the result.