We were married 48 years ago.  There are very few wedding or bridal shower gifts that we can attribute to a single person.  Yes we have our Royal Dalton Lavender Rose china which was given to us in place-setting increments. We would like to express our appreciation to all those that gave us this china but truthfully most of those people who gifted us are long gone.

There was one gift that I always could recognize as a wedding gift.

Aunt Mona, my father’s sister, gave Pat a very nice maple wood rolling pin at her wedding shower.  There is a bit of background on this.

My sister Dale had married and moved on and I was often given the chore to prepare the evening meal before mom and dad came home.  Now normally this would be following whatever instructions that mother left in the morning but as I grew older I started to experiment.  This was repeated many years later when James would be responsible for preparing a meal when we came home (when he was not tormenting his sisters).

Anyway one of my signature dishes was Italian breaded pork chops.  I would take some old bread and roll them out  for crumbs with the narrow wooden stick that mother had, and then coat the chops, season with spices, and briefly fry them in an old green electric frying pan. The one with a cover.    Lovely.

One evening when Uncle Jim and Aunt Mona were visiting, mother asked me to make this special dish.  Aunt Mona loved it (I expect the little surprise of using some grated cheese on the chops helped because I suspect they were a couple who never used spices).

Later that year we were planning our wedding.  Pat was at her shower where all the relatives showed up (we still have a picture of Pat with all the gift bows glued to her head)  Aunt Mona gifted her a very high end maple rolling pin.  The kind where the handles are on each side.  She told Pat this gift was so I could make those delicious Italian breaded pork chops.  (true story)

Over the years I have used this rolling pin many times and always, I mean always, remember Aunt Mona when I do it.  And yes I still make on special events Italian breaded pork chops.

Pat was off at a religious event today so I planned a special meal.  Jagerschnitzel.   I was rolling out the pork and bread  crumbs when I noticed that the wooden bearings beside the handle seemed dark.  I took apart the rolling pin and it has mold within the shell.

We will be looking for a new rolling pin tomorrow.  AUNT MONA THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT.