For those of you that follow my views on life, you may remember previous notes on great meat loaves I have prepared in the past,  but I must tell you that tonight, I created the finest meat loaf that we have ever enjoyed and I would put it up with all the great time loaves.

I know many of you think of a meat loaf as something like a solid chunk of meat that your grandma did or something you ordered at a diner on the highway while filling up for gas in Tisdale Saskatchewan.  This is entirely different.  Takes 45 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook.  

Let me tell you about this one.  It is 1/3 ground lean beef, 1/3 ground pork and 1/3 ground veal.  Take slices of days old french bread chopped up and soaked in milk to soften.  Sauted chopped leek, carrot, celery and mushrooms.  Mix it all together with chopped green olives packed with garlic, chopped red peppers, horseradish, basil plus a bunch of other things.   A little of this and a little of that including cheese.   

Mound the loaf on a cookie sheet and bake it (not in a loaf pan).  

Pat declared it the best meatloaf I have ever created.  The finest restaurant would love to serve it and would have charged extra.   Now this could be like some of the great chicken wings that James used to prepare when we lived in Oakville.  Some good and some great but he could not remember what he did different.  However I did record the recipe this time.  

And we will have several meals.  

Granted I get to write about this while Pat is contentedly washing all the many dishes and pans I used to prepare this meal so there might be an ulterior motive.