The town of Airdrie Alberta has followed the trend started by Halifax by making it mandatory that you put out your garbage in clear plastic bags instead of the traditional black or green.  The justification is so that the collectors can check if there are recyclable items in the garbage and if so reject the bag.

Anyway, apparently there is a big push back by householders.  They claim that they do not want their neighbours to see what is in their garbage.  Now you may think that may mean they do not want the neighbours to see that they are not being responsible but the arguments tend more to privacy issues.  Halifax does allow people to use black bags if they feel they have a privacy issue

Which leads me to the question I give my followers.  What are throwing into your garbage that you are too embarrassed for your neighbours to see?  And second question is would you go around peeking into your local garbage bags to see what they were throwing out?

Kind of a moot point for us because we put out garbage cans and in many communities you have to use the special bins…. but still what would you be ashamed of?