Those in the family have been reading about the historic high snowfall we have had in Paradise.  Apparently some Spanish guy called El Nino has been paused on the North Pacific and wrapping us with heavy snow instead of the glorious rain that we are used to.  I really do not mean glorious because the grey skies and drizzle is one of the reasons why historically our neighbours move to their alternate houses in Mexico or Costa Rica.

Anyway, whatever, we have had massive snow over the last 5 days.  Granted I have been able to earn a fairly decent income (if you consider bottles of wine and gift certificates from good restaurants as income).  The Nino guy has finally moved north and we are now enjoying the warmer wet weather that we normally have.  Problem is that we have at least of 2 feet of snow on our roof.

Our home is built with a fairly steep angle and tiles.  As the temp rises we are having avalanches schlumping down.  It is bad enough that it comes on the driveway in front of our garage doors.  It is like concrete and even my snowblower cannot move it, so I have to shovel it by hand.

But on the side yard we had a 8 foot boxwood hedge.  Planted it ourselves — been there since we moved in.  But an Avalanche from the roof has flattened it.  I heard it come down and tried to shovel off the snow but it is gone. Pancaked.  I was trying to lift out the chunks of snow and it reminded me of the stories of skiers and snowmobile guys caught in avalanches.  You might think it is just snow but once snow starts to mix and pack it turns into concrete.

Anyway we have sunshine and mild temps and the snow is melting like an ice cube in a warm rum and coke.  Paradise is returning.