Oscars are on this weekend so Pat and I thought we would go and see at least one of the nominees.

Back home we have a multiplex but it is small and the seats are skinny and original to when it was built in 1969 including all the original springs that hit your butt.  Despite all the comments and the lack of people showing up because of the seats, they will not upgrade.

So as a result Pat and I have not seen any of the movies.

However we are in California and decided to go see La La Land at a new modern CineMax theater.  What an experience.  The seats are Lazy Boy Recliners with lots of space, a huge screen, you can reserve seats from your cell phone and they sell beer.

Good movie, likely will win many awards…. but the theater is the true winner.  We might go to another but the weather is just so nice, aw we will see.