When we told the family that we were holidaying down here in the Coachella valley Meagan told us we must spend a day in the Joshua Tree National Park.  So we did.

A few years ago when we had our previous visit, we did not venture into this park.  It is a high desert park (4500 to 5000 feet elevation) with much of it in the Mojave desert.  Now when I think of desert I think of the Sahara or the flat landscape around Palm Desert.  But this park is spectacular.

Mounds and mounds of gigantic granite boulders piled on each other with a landscape of cactus and the very attractive Joshua Tree.

We spent the entire day there taking lots of little 1 – 2 mile hikes and only saw a third of what the park offers.

Clear blue skies but we knew it would be cool in the park.  22 C down here in the Valley but at noon it was a cool 9 C in the park.  Great hikes and views to die for.  I will try to attach a few.