For anyone who vacations down here in Palm Springs and Arizona, you may describe the countryside as many shades of brown and beige.  Still spectacular, but seldom in the description is the colour green.

Prior to our arrival , as we experienced on the drive down, California had record rainfall.  Since we arrived we have had great weather, but last Monday it did rain all day and believe me, for a guy coming from the wet coast, it really rained.

Unlike back home where the rain stays for days, this one was a 24 hour version.  The next day the sun was shining, although we did hear many reports about blocked roads.  Did not bother us as we spent the day doing laundry (I of course mean Pat) and reading.

Today we went for a hike through the Andreas Canyon south of Palm Springs.  It is a loop where you follow a stream up the canyon, cross over the stream and return on a ridge.  On the hike up you have overhanging outthrusts of granite and lots of ancient palm trees and a busy stream gushing along beside you.

On the ridge we had to stop many times not to look down into the coulee but at the low mountains and the ridge around us.  They were covered in green.  Beside the trail were vast stretches of the greenest, lushest, green grass you could imagine.

We have been here before, and the landscape is normally moonscape barren and brown with only scruffy weeds and cactus.  But what a green valley today.

As we talked to the locals, they commented that this was the wettest February in memory, and most of them cannot recall the last time they have seen the slopes so green.  (I of course do not mention that if they want rain and green they should come up where we live, but I digress…)

I wish I could attach a picture of the hills, but instead I took videos and I’m not sure I can attach them.  But still, if you do not believe this was a spectacular sight ask The Bride.