Well after the Diana model I decided to take a break from a major project.  I made Meagan and Jorg’s Chinese Junk as a break.  I made the model of a Pirate ship The Red Dragon for Chandler many years ago (which apparently has been lost) as a break.

My buddy Harry had attempted to join the society of Model Shipwrights, but he abandoned a kit model of the Golden Hind after finishing the hull and first layer of planking.

I have visited his workshop many times over the last few years and have seen this model on the frame clamps with all the plans exhibited around and he has not done anything.  He became discouraged because, well frankly, the plans were shit for a beginner.  You needed to be able to move ahead and he did not know how to do it.

So as I needed a break I offered to take over the kit and finish it for him.  That is my current project.

The plans are crap and the finishing hull planks are wafer thin wood that is a relative of mahogany (which is the worst wood to use for models).  Anyway I have spent the last month cutting out the horrible frame extensions (made of 1/4 inch plywood) and have managed to make a pretty good hull.  Substitute good solid Pear and Holly where needed.  Might turn out to be a good model when I am finished with it.  I will have to include pictures of the basic hull when I have finished in the next few weeks.

By the way,  when I showed it to Harry last week he did not recognize the model he abandoned.  The good news is that I was able to convince him that this was a poor model kit and he has decided to start another model.  I may have gone too far by showing him how to make tree nails and use them for planking.  We shall see