As the immediate family knows but not the Blog family, I have been recently elected to the position of President of a prestigious Miata car club here on Paradise Island.  Even had a presidential parade afterward.  You can see a picture of the parade that followed the meeting below.

The family is well aware that this is not a high-paying position, and wisely I did not spend a lot of money on the campaign … as this was a situation of all the members thinking “thank God someone will do it”.

So Pat and I drove down to meet with the outgoing President (also named Bruce, and I will refer to him as XPB, for ex-president Bruce) to handle the complicated transition process.  Think of Trump and Obama meeting in November, except I really like XPB and we get along great.  But I had a lot of questions.  We are a registered incorporated Car Club with financial support from Mazda and a web site that needs to be maintained.  I was a little concerned about what I was inheriting.

Turns out that XPB is like Ronald Reagan.  Great at the standing up at the meetings and doing the glad handing, but it was his wife Wendy who was actually running the club.  She wrote every President’s message to the members, and operated the Website, and handled all the contacts to other clubs and Mazda.  Now we always suspected this but today it was confirmed.

Good news is that she will continue this role as my secretary in the new administration.  What a relief.  Granted Pat could have taken this role but she has way too much on her plate.

So now my role is to come up with the big ideas, stand up in front of the members at our meetings with jokes and leadership presence, and Wendy will take care of the details.  My skill set entirely.

Too bad Trump does not have Nancy Reagan to take care of him!