Tonight we have the finals for the March madness college championship b-ball game on TV.

Now we do not follow basketball.  Even Pat does not watch basketball.  She loves the Jays (and they lost today) and curling (Gushue is doing well) and even golf.  She loves her TV sports but never basketball and definitely not college ball.

However Janine is in an office pool and her team Gorgonzola or Gonzaga (whatever) has made it to the final game and if they win she will be the office champion.  Who would have picked Gonzaga at the beginning of the month? As such, she will be viewed by her peers as a visionary.

Janine actually won her office pool last year for the March Madness by a random selection based on team colours.  I doubt if Janine has ever watched a college basketball game on TV or knows any of the teams but she now has a reputation.

This year she randomly selected teams based on their team mascots.  Gonzaga is the Bull dogs (she does like her doggies) and for the first time they made it to the final.

Janine called her mother to ask that she cheer for the bulldogs tonight on TV because she realizes that Pat is major sport cheerlady and could have solid Karisma.  Could be all they need.  Granted did not help the Jays today.

So tonight we are watching the Gonzaga vs North Carolina for the US College championship.  Apparently this event is just behind the super bowl for betting.