We have just had the worst winter and spring in our years in Paradise.  Snow in the winter and cool rainy days all spring.  Even though we spent weeks away, the weather on the return has not been great.

I only mention this because we had a pretty good day today.  The sun is shining and the golfers are going by,  and I realize I will have to find some time to mow the lawn.  Still cool.

Anyway I digress.

Pat is spending most of her day on her various volunteer roles.  No matter what position she takes, she becomes the go-to girl in the clubs. CWL, Elder college or the Probus, Pat is the person they call on if they have an issue.  As a result I do not answer the phone.  It rings many times a day from ladies asking what they should do about this or that… and Pat says “do not worry, I will handle it”.

Anyway why should I complain as I spend every afternoon in the workshop on my model ships.

We earlier in the day planned to have a steak salad for dinner tonight.  Thin sliced marinated steak on a mound of salad with hard boiled eggs and blue cheese.  A favourite.

Pat sent me off to the local store to buy a small bit of steak and a few items.  She was busy on the computer for her duties so she could not accompany me.

Think of the story of the mother sending Jack off to buy food and he comes back with beans.

I am looking a slice of steak at our butcher and notice that he has a couple of packages of prepared Rouladen beef.  These are thin beef roll ups.  They only do this rarely.

So like Jack, I buy a package of rolled beef and some sharp Kosher pickles and bring them home to tell Pat, we have a new plan for dinner.  Fortunately she loves me and accepted the change.

Tonight we had German Rouladen with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes.  Might have been better with Jorg’s Spaetzle but pretty good.

And, of course, I write this blog as Pat cleans all the pots and pans I dirtied in the preparation.