Now Pat and I moved out here to Paradise on the West Coast for the mild winters and comfortable summers.  We were retiring from Oakville, a great town, but we hated the traffic.  The QEW going through Oakville was 10 lanes wide and still it took 30 minutes to get across town.  Just far too busy.

So we looked on a map to see how far we could get away from the QEW.  It was either the island of Newfoundland or Vancouver Island.

Now this has been a snowy winter here.  Had to use the snowblower at least 5 times and that did not include the time we spent in Palm Springs.  And there seems to be perpetual rain….

But looking at the last week in Newfoundland, I think we made the right decision.  A meter of snow in one day with high winds in April.  No wonder half the population of Newfoundland has moved to Alberta, which let’s face it, is not the best province to spend winter.

So we will have to pucker up.  Granted even with the dismal skies, the lawn looks great.  I only need a couple of days of sunshine to get out there to cut it.