If you have been following my blogs over the years you would recognize my reference to the Sherman song hello Muddah hello Faddah.

I have been reluctant to complain about the weather here in Paradise because I realize my blog fans live vicariously in the belief that here is Nirvana.  But to be truthful it has been a horrible winter and the wettest, most overcast and coolest spring you could imagine.  Even the long term locals have been saying, why did we move here?  I was going to write a letter (a blog) to complain about the conditions…..  but not today.  Disregard everything I was thinking of.

The last two days have had brilliant sunshine, warmth and clear skies.  The mountains covered with snow are crystal clear.  Every cherry tree and fruit tree on the street is in bloom.  Our azaleas are bursting with colour and the early rhodos are out.  This is several weeks late but who cares.  It is glorious.

Easter weekend and everyone is happy.  We even had a bunch of little kids riding their tiny bikes up and down the street today. No idea where they came from as this is not a neighbourhood with kids, but like the Easter bunny you do not reject magical days.  (having said that I did trap a bunny in my backyard trap yesterday and relocated it… but that is another story)

It is a paradise weekend.