In the Valley we have an organization that trains guide dogs for people that need assistance.  We often see them walking in downtown Courtenay to get used to street lights and meeting people.

This morning I was driving back from my morning fitness (a recently rare morning in sunshine) when I noticed a training dog being walked along Royal Vista Way.  Do not see them up here on the ridge. Easily identified by the jersey that tells people that the dog is in training and not to pet.  But in our neighbourhood.. it is not the people.

Our neighbourhood has dozens of dog owners ranging from the biggest German Shepherd you have ever seen to ankle biters.  Lots and lots of doggies.

Some are well trained like our friends Brian and Darleen that have the best trained little Westies that you could ever hope for.

Now we do love our Westie grand dogs Reese and Jackes, but on walks they are excitable particularly when they meet a larger dog.  We have to hold back Jackes whenever we meet a dog.

I had to stop by the road to watch this guide dog as it met several of our ankle biter neighbour dogs.  The training dog was an unusual cross between a Whippet and a Greyhound.  The trainer would stop and chat with the person while that person’s dog was snapping and yapping all around the big dog (as little dogs do) and yet the training dog stood there like a Queen’s Guard outside of the Palace.   And walked on when the trainer continued.

I stayed at the side of Royal Vista to observe two meetings and was stunned.  Very impressive.  I just wonder how you train a dog to ignore other dogs.