Pat and I are sitting in the back enjoying a Steak BBQ dinner looking over the 7th hole.  A late dining because of, well we had a lot to do in housekeeping and yard work after being away.

A couple of years ago Crown Isle golf course in an attempt to raise some interest in the evening added soccer golf after 6:30.  They laid out a course on the front nine with 18 holes.  You kick the ball from a designated spot and count the kicks to put on a flag (fortunately well away from the actual greens).  Originally for the older kids to learn how to control their kicks, but has become a team award evening for the younger players.

Tonight was an example.  Team after team of under 8 girls rollicking down our par three hole behind us.  The coach and manager just following along. No attempt to teach a lesson just watching kids have a wonderful time.  The girls are just as likely to try cartwheels and when the boys come by they are chasing each other down a beautiful golf course hole with no idea what the objective is for the game but just full of joy and passing the ball from one to another.

I coached kid soccer for almost 17 years.  I particularly loved the years coaching Meagan’s teams from the time she was 5.   (Just so James is not upset.. the years coaching him were mostly about winning).   I would have paid money for the chance to take one of my younger kid’s team on an outing on a golf course one evening.  So many evenings of practice with running the cones and in and out exercises with a mini game at the end.  A chance to chase around a golf course just having fun…. that would have been priceless.

So I watch the kids going by with the coach or manager walking along behind with a grin from ear to ear and know why………….