Patty and I were enjoying dinner out on the patio this evening.  A dinner of Indian mango chicken with spiced French green beans and rice.   A normal meal outdoors in Paradise.

I chose to play Colm Wilkinson music for the meal on the Sonos.

Now for those that are not connected… Colm Wilkinson is the finest tenor of our time.

When we were living in Toronto area and just discovering proper theatre… they had  Phantom of the Opera at the Elgin.  It was a stunning introduction to musical theatre for us and we were so lucky that Colm Wilkinson was playing the Phantom.  Acknowledged the best in the world in the role.  We enjoyed it so much we went back again and again.

Then came the production of Les Miserables.  A role for Colm as Jean Val Jean that was actually written for his 4 octave range.  Again we attended repeat performances and introduced our daughters (the younger two) to these musicals.  When we were lucky, Colm Wilkinson was singing the lead.  He chose to live in Toronto for 20 years as these musicals were winning awards and he travelled to perform wherever.

I think back and those tickets grew from $50 to $100 and I would spend it again.  I know friends that go to Vegas and spend $300 to see Celine sing about Titanic, and I agree that would be nice… but nothing compared to Colm Wilkinson singing Bring Him Home live……..  That was an experience.

I suspect it is up there with those that could enjoyed Pavarotti in his prime.

So we sat on the patio and just enjoyed the sunlight and the music…. and the soccer kids going by.