I am not sure how this could work, but there is definitely a profitable business opportunity for someone to come up with protection for Seniors from the evils of internet upgrades.

Now I am not talking about the phone calls that we get telling us our favourite grandchild needs money to get out of jail.  Even harder to resist when it is a granddaughter (because they are the party girls), but we can easily ignore these because our kids brought up their children right.

I am talking about those seemingly legitimate notices to upgrade your microsoft office to 365 or the notice to make your IPad faster or get a newer Visa Credit card (with lots of fees).

Scary stuff for us seniors because what would happen if we fall behind in technology?  The fact is that these upgrades all cost money and they expect seniors to accept without question.

Not sure if you follow the TV series Better Call Saul, but it is about a lawyer who has taken on the issue of protecting senior’s rights.  If you have not watched it, Jimmy, while not necessarily above board, does believe that protecting seniors is a righteous thing.

Weekly we are opening emails and notices with requests for upgrades or information and wondering what to do.  Understand, my wife and I are not retired farmers…  (sorry not intending to offend farmers)  but we have university degrees and spent our lives in office environments.  But these are new times.

Fortunately we have a son whom we can phone occasionally and ask him if that fund raising site for a prince in Kenya is a good thing.

But what about those millions of seniors who are using internet daily and do not have a James with whom to check?  Whom can they depend on?

I expect this is a business opportunity for someone in Russia or China to come up with a website… Trust us… we are there for you Seniors…………