A few weeks ago our friends Wayne and Terry (from the Sunshine Coast in BC across the straight on the mainland) told us they were coming over and wanted to spend a couple of days with us.  We decided that we would pick a destination spot for our get together.

Meagan and Jorg visited us earlier this spring and went to Telegraph Cove in the northern part of Vancouver Island and told us what a great spot it is.  As it turns out Pat and I have never travelled north of Campbell River despite the 9 years we have been living here.  So we booked a couple of rooms at the expensive dockside rooms at the resort.

As the date came closer the Thursday that we would spend there had a weather forecast of heavy rain.  I tried to cancel the reservations a few days before but they do not allow cancellations that close, so we decided to soldier on.  Wayne and Terry arrived here in the morning and we set out in pounding rain for the 3 hour drive north.

We had prepared by gathering a basket with cheeses, jellies, grapes and crackers with multiple bottles of wine that we could share in one of our rooms if the weather was miserable.  As it turned out we arrived at 1:00 pm  just after the rain stopped.  We walked the boardwalk to the pub in the building shown (the lower one) (taken from the window of our room) and had a marvelous lunch. One of the best chowders I have ever had.

Wandered back to our rooms exploring the the historical cabins.  At 4:30 gathered in our room and consumed lots of wine and cheese.  Eventually wandered back to the restaurant (also in the picture) and had another great meal and spent the the evening walking along the boardwalk.  We had incredible luck because the weather broke for us and even better luck because the night before we arrived the fleet of 36 sailboats participating in the round Vancouver Island race had 600 people partying in the marina and resort.  When we arrived there were maybe 20 people.

What a wonderful spot.