I phoned Blaine tonight so we could share our wonderful experiences over the last few weeks.  For one reason or another we have been out of phone touch.

He wanted me to talk about our wonderful trip to the Okanogan and my Trent River Hike and the recent drive to Telegraph Cove and today’s trip over to Powell River to attend the Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy symphony concert.  Lots of great music but my butt goes painful after a few hours.

When I commented, did you just not come back from a 3 week tour of Britain including a week in London,  do you not have anything to say about this?  Blaine said no,  I just want to hear about your wonderful life (well that is what I think he said)  I believe Blaine lives vicariously through my exciting life.

He did promise he would take all the pictures he took on his vacation and have them put into slides and arrange a carousel for our next trip to enjoy.

If you understand the technology of  last sentence, you are old.  Still I know Blaine and Lisa had a wonderful holiday and am looking forward to the slide presentation.