I have finally realized that our expensive garbage can will not be returned.  Despite efforts to see which of our neighbours have stolen it or took it by mistake, it will not come back.

Today I went off to Home Depot and C Tire and Walmart to find the replacement.  Apparently no one sells the premium Rubbermaid bin that we had before.

I did not realize this.  No wonder someone drove into our neighbourhood last week to steal our premium can.  It is a collectors item. (Sucks to be him as I have the lid!)

So I had no choice but to buy a black can with wheels and a lid that locks.  I took it downstairs and cut out a stencil  and sprayed 3512 in high definition fluorescent paint all over the can and the lid and the other cans and lids that I use for garden waste.  Used up a whole can of fluorescent spray.

Someone is really going to be desperate to steal my garbage cans and lids in the future.   Maybe I should add a camera facing the street… well maybe not yet.  The new can only cost $20.