Am I the only one that thinks the Celebration for Canada’s 150 years is lots of foofaraw and not a lot of real memorable events?

Let’s face it, by July 4 will anyone be able to remember our July first celebration?

Now I realize that most of my blog audience have no idea how big a deal it was in 1967 for our 100th anniversary.  I am pretty sure our kids and grandchildren will not have any significant memory of 2017.

Here is what I remember about 1967 (when I was only 19, BTW).

Canada held the first national winter games in Quebec City.  This was to prepare and select athletes for the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble.  I know because I was there in Quebec City representing Saskatchewan in Volleyball.  (I did not make the Canadian volleyball team for the Olympics because, let’s face it, I was too short.)

Still it was a memorable event for me in my life and part of why I remember that year.

So, let’s go on…. there were many huge investments in the celebration for Canada that year.  The National Arts Museum was completed in Ottawa.  The UFO landing site in St Paul Alberta was typical of hundreds of local projects all over the country.  To this day if you wander around Canada you can find Centennial  buildings, monuments, libraries and  hiking trails to celebrate 1967.

Of course, the major event of that year, and the one anyone of us from our generation would remember, was Expo 67 in Montreal.

Back when Montreal was the major international city in Canada (Toronto was boring), everyone wanted to go to this Expo.  All Canadians were proud of it.

We could read in magazines from around the world, that Canada was the new Cool.

Are we going to have a memory of the 150th anniversary like this?  I doubt it.

By the way, here is a true Canadian History trivia question….

Who was the official first baby born in 1967, who therefore became the Centennial Baby………   Believe it or not, it was Pamela Anderson, the Bay Watch Babe.

Now that is why we can remember 1967.    Let’s see if our children and grandchildren remember 2017 fifty years from now.