It is Sunday evening and we are sitting on the patio enjoying a meal of steaks and a pitcher of my great Sangria.  We have the Sonos on playing easy listening songs when one of our wedding songs comes on.  These are the songs that were either wedding dances for our kids or the Father/Bride dance.  Over the years we have augmented the playlist with several famous wedding songs.

Anne Murray’s “Could I have this Dance” is an example.  At one time the top-rated first dance for a couple at weddings in Canada and US.

Then there is the Heartland song “I Loved Her First”.  We first heard it when Enez danced with her father.  This is a specific song about a father dancing with his daughter at the wedding and telling the new son-in-law that he better take care of his little darling.   While not in the words but implied is the message  I HAVE A BASEBALL BAT WAITING IF YOU DO NOT DO THE RIGHT THING FOR MY PRECIOUS.

Now we realize that the Father and Bride dance is a tradition that goes back many eons.  Quite often these days, they are joined by the Groom and his mother… but there is actually no specific song for a Groom and Mother dance.

I can just imagine the words… “you had better double boil his undies” … “you should cut up his meat fine as he is delicate” … “I will be checking up on your housekeeping”  etc.

Heartland made millions on their father-daughter song.  Surely there is an opportunity for a popular Mother/Son song.