A buddy of mine told me about this on-line golf instruction course that could add 30 yds to my drives.

Now when I play with this guy I can normally out drive him but it is often 30 yds into the woods on the left or right.  Distance is not my problem it is hitting it straight.

Anyway I agree to take the online course for a test.  Then I realized the problem.  The Pro instructor is about 30 years old and at best weighs 140 lbs.  He shows a twist in the body that I have not been able to do without spine injury for the last 30 years.  I mean if I could actually stand in one spot and turn around to look at my right butt and then finish up with me looking at my left butt… well it has been a long time, and furthermore why would I want to do this.

In any event I did not purchase the course.  I am still content to play with the guys my age and occasionally banging one out there on the fairway where the guys go wow.  As we say in golf, putting is where you make the money, but the drives impress the crowd.