Pat and I were sitting out on the patio finishing our supper, sipping some wine, watching golfers go by and listening to music.  By the end of the meal I am browsing through the inventory of songs playing on Sonos and selected some opera.   Now I admit I do not follow a lot of opera but there are some arias that we love.

Some of you may know that we belong to a group that meet monthly to sing popular songs.  My role in the group is to find some trivia or interesting detail about the song we are about to share.

Did you know the Johnny Cash’s song Ring Of Fire is not about his visit to a Mexican restaurant.  He did not write it his wife June Carter wrote it while she was married to another man and had a brief affair with Johnny and felt horrible about it.  Fire and Brimstone for her future if you follow the words.

Anyway that kind of trivia.

So we were listening to some Opera and one of my favorite numbers came on.  La Donna e Mobile by Pavarotti.  Look it up and you would recognize this tune immediately.

Verdi had written the opera Rigoletto and everyone from the orchestra and singers had been practicing all the songs and the arrangements but Verdi was holding back one song.  Opera rehearsals were open to many people and everyone knew the hits, but Verdi held back this number.  Finally the day before the opening he took the tenor and certain parts of the Orchestra and trained them on the song and swore them to secrecy.  On opening night the audience was amazed by the song and it became a hit.  Number 1 on all the radio channels (if they had radio)

It is actually a bit of a comedy song.  Women are Fickle… Like a feather in the wind.

Put it on and listen.  Good music