I am sorry about the title but if I mentioned Great Chicken BBQ  I would have thousands of hits.

We seldom do BBQ chicken breasts  (skin on) at home because it is so easy to just buy the fully cooked BBQ chicken at Super Store or Costco.  But tonight we did our own.

Cooking bone in, skin on chicken breasts is actually more difficult than any steak.  You have to get it crisp on the outside but not over cook it.  And you have to avoid burnt outside and raw inside.

That does take me back.

When I was 12 or 13, our parents took Blaine and I to visit friends they had from the war years who were then living in Swan River, Manitoba.

Dad’s friend had discovered this new cooking concept called bar-be-que.   He was cooking chicken breasts on this metal fixture with a grill and charcoal.  No matter how much lighter fluid they sprayed on the coals, they  never turned grey.   So we eventually ate chicken burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Blaine and I did not have a problem with this as we actually had an exciting day (another story) and were just hungry, but Dad swore he would never adopt BBQ as a means of meal preparation.

I eventually got married and moved out but Blaine tells me that Dad did eventually adopted BBQ.  I doubt if he ever did chicken but who knows.  Maybe he learned the secret.

In any event we were sitting on the patio, with BBQ chicken, fresh corn on the cob and a salad (with the little surprise of dolmades).

The chicken was perfect, crispy on the outside and juicy and white inside.   And the view from the patio was perfect.  This is paradise.