When we were first contemplating retiring here to Paradise we were assured of two things.

  1. Do not need a snow shovel or snow blower because it rarely snows and if it does you can just whish it away with a broom.
  2. Do not need air conditioning because it never gets hot.

Good thing we ignored this advice.

This last winter I used the snow blower every other day for a long period.  And forget about sweeping it away, when it falls it is like concrete.

When we were having the house built we could have chosen the more popular in floor hot water heating but went with a forced air system with a heat pump.  This has the advantage of air conditioning.  Granted over the years we have seldom needed the AC but this summer it is rewarding us in spades.   Record heat wave this week.  Where are friends with in-floor heating are suffering we are sleeping soundly in gentle 70 F.

I even rescheduled the group hike yesterday for a morning start so we were in a bar sipping cool ones by lunch.  Easy to be smart when you have a refreshing sleep.