We had a great day.

Our local Miata club took 10 cars to join in a Shriner car show with 300 classics on the beach in Parksville.  (Apparently if you pay the $20 entry fee, you did not actually need a 1933 rebuilt hot rod.)

This past week on the Island was very hot, but today it may have been 28 C but with an overcast of smoke from the BC interior, very comfortable.

This is a car show mainly for people who just like cars.  You have the $300,000 exotic rebuilds, and people who brought their 1955 Nash Rambler in original condition, and people like us who just like their cars.   A chance to share car experiences while facing the beach in Parksville with people who all love their vehicles.

Sean’s father Doug is a big poo-bah for the event, so we get a chance to chat with him, busy as he is.

Obviously with a 2008 non-modified Miata we are not about to win an award, but our club had 10 cars in a row, so garnered lots of attention.  We maybe even signed up a few new members.

Interesting day but, Yaddah Yaddah, not the point of this blog.

Last week while working in the basement (where it was cool) I watched a documentary about the future of food.   William Davis who wrote the book Wheat Belly has a following in the US such that  people sign up paying big money to have feasts of Gluten-Free, Meat-free, vegetarian meals.  The concept of the documentary is that this is the future for mankind.  Everyone interviewed extolled how their life was so much better, the sex was better,  their view of life was great, and aside from the fact that their friends found them boring, everything about the diet was wonderful.

Meanwhile, our local Thrifty Grocery Store had a special on Friday to celebrate the BC long weekend.  Rib Steaks at half price.  Big juicy steaks with lots of… well let us call it juicy parts.  So I bought 2 for a total $15, and BBQd them both.

Now Pat and I can only manage one of the steaks but the other will form a strip beef salad tomorrow.  And I made a nice rosemary bread to go with the baked potato, and Pat prepared fresh yellow beans.

I BBQd the steak so the outside was charred and the inside was raw with blood dripping down our chins when we cut it (OK, not quite, but I added this detail so Lois could tell Michael).  And the bread was devine.

If the future is meat-free and gluten-free… it is a good thing I am old.  Wonderful meal to end a great day.