Pat and I are just back from a very interesting party tonight.  A friend of ours organized a party for his wife’s 70th birthday at a local winery.

Now this couple are noted for their great parties and unusual events.  They had friends come from all over including England.  Total of 57 guests.  Paul had arranged for a local band and an award winning chef from Calgary to fly in and prepare a multi course meal.  Wonderful food.

It was held in an outdoor covered patio beside the vineyard.  Great location, unfortunately after 8 weeks of hot drought weather, late this afternoon the temperature dropped and when the party started it was pouring rain.  It was dry under the cover but cool and no chance to walk the vineyards as we have done at other events at this location.

But here is the interesting part.  Paul contacted everyone before hand and had them provide him a secret from their past.  He then made a list of the guests down one side and 25 of the unusual secrets down the other and everyone, as they were drinking wine, mingled to try and match which secret went with which guest.  A great mixer as you could walk up to a lady and ask her if she had bathed nude on the dunes or did that person meet the Queen on her yacht.  By the time we sat for dinner everyone had chatted with everyone.

And, as I said the 8 different dishes served were fabulous.  Just too bad that the weather did not cooperate