I have finally completed the Golden Hinde model.  Just to remind you, this was a kit that my buddy Harry started several years ago.  He finished the rough hull but stopped before planking and other details.  In truth the kit was too advanced for a first attempt with little or no instructions on how to proceed.  It sat stalled on his workbench for 2 years and every time I saw it I tried to get him going.  Finally I offered to take it over and do the hard part and turn it back to him to complete.  This was before Christmas

The kit not only was unclear it had fundamental issues.  The bulwarks (the sides of the hull above the deck) were way to thick and decking was crude.  Many of the pieces like the tops were terrible so I ended up making my own.   However like all kits most of the wood was precut so the work progressed relatively quickly.

However as I was having fun I continued to work on it long after I should have turned it back to Harry to do the painting and rigging.  Ends up I have completed about 98%

Harry will have to add the flags and sails if he wants.  Still looks pretty good.  Not sure what I am going to do next  but will clean up the workshop and worry about it another day