When you watch movies or TV programs, sometimes you have to suspend belief, after all it is only a show.

Pat and I record some lite entertainment shows that we can watch without a lot of deep thoughts.  Like Death in Paradise where a misplaced English police detective always solves murders in a small Caribbean Island, and always within the hour.   Another program we record and watch is Garage Sale Mysteries which is filmed in Vancouver but supposed to take place in some US town.  This started as a one time Hallmark movie about a woman that owns an antique shop and solves murder mysteries by attending garage sales.  So successful they have expanded it to a series of 2 hour made for TV movies.

Now I can accept the fact that Lori (the pretty woman who solves the murder) owns and runs a high end antique shop where she never actually seems to sell anything.  Never-the-less she lives in a huge house (actually filmed in one of the big houses that Lisa and Blaine like to visit in the Bridal area in South Surrey).  Obviously she cannot afford it but she has a husband who is supposed to be a successful contractor although he looks more like a super buff weight lifter, fashion model.  Now Sean will be the first to say this is not an impossibility.

On this program, aside from the American star Lori Loughlin it has a cast of Canadians.  But for some reason they have to do a stretch.  Lori and her buff husband have two teenaged kids living with them but Hannah their daughter is very obviously a 34 year old actress.  Again I can accept this as part of the rule that they have to hire Canadians and there are obviously no 18 year old Canadian girls available.   As I say I can accept that.

But I do have a problem with Lori’s contractor husband Jason.  In one episode he and his son are incapable of putting together a set of shelves from IKEA as he has no idea how to use an allen wrench.  Fortunately the 34 year old daughter, who obviously has built many Ikea units back when she was young, finished it for them.  The final straw was a shot where Jason was nailing together a platform AND HOLDING THE HAMMER HALF WAY UP THE HANDLE TAPPING AWAY.    I mean how could he be a very wealthy and successful building contractor and not know how to use a hammer?

Pat tells me that I take these things too serious, but really guys,  am I right?