With the hot summer we had a bumper crop of grapes on our pergola this fall.  Now when I designed and built the pergola and planted the grapes, it was for a visual effect.  Did not realize we would have so many grapes.

Pat and I started to harvest the crop today.  Last year we waited too long and the birds took much of the good ones but the previous year we did a harvest and made a great concord grape jam.

Within 30 minutes of picking we had a 5 gallon pail of concord grapes.  At least 3 more pails still on the vine.

Then we spent the afternoon peeling the grapes and making jam.  All we achieved today was three 500 ml jars, but relearned how to do it.  Possibly a little too finicky in the grape selection and peeling.  We will make another 6 jars tomorrow and then I will pick more grapes.  I have great respect for my grandmothers that must have spent days doing this.