It is often said that your true love is out there and fate brings you together.  Certainly true for Pat and I where we met at a dance in Regina.

But yesterday I heard an even better fate story.  We were at our Miata club BBQ in Nanaimo.  As the President I made a point to sit and converse with the newer members (a true politician)

Joe and Maria just bought a used 2000 Miata and joined the club to meet other members.  I asked about their background and an interesting story came out.

They were both born on San Miguel Island in the Azores off Portugal but at opposite ends of the island.  Neither family knew each other.

Joe’s father immigrated to Canada when Joe was 2.  His family comes from a long line of stone masons and they ended up in Victoria where Joe continues to work in the family profession.

Maria’s family did not come to Canada until she was 16 and they ended up in Victoria where her father worked in government business.  25 years ago they both happened to attend a dance at a German club because they had German friends.  He happened to talk to her and the subject came up that she was Portuguese.  Now Joe looks Italian and when he said he was also Portuguese she did not believe him until he spoke to her in the language.  Then they found out they both came from the same small island and one thing lead to another and they eventually married

Now that is fate.