When I belonged to the Calgary Model Shipwright society in the 80’s, I was just as interested in looking at other enthusiasts who chose a different genre.  Guys who made WWII warships out of cardstock, and guys who would do kit bashing on plastic models.  (Kit bashing means you take the basic kit and modify or add details).  In those days, the majority of the members were still guys (and one woman) who made historical ship models out of wood.

Us wooden shipwrights are a dying breed.

I happened to be searching around UTube on TV one morning (fewer and fewer TV programs interest me) and came across Ted Hawksworth.  He has produced many videos (sponsored by a model parts supplier).  In the particular series I am watching, he is assembling a model of a UBoat from a Trumpeter kit.  This is not a trivial kit, it costs $600 and has thousands of parts.  So I watched a few episodes.  This could be me, chatting while taping my steps in model assembly.  Granted, plastic model kits.

It turns out this is a big industry for retired guys.  It has replaced model trains as the go-to hobby.  The great thing is that you do not need a big workshop.  Fascinating.  But the attraction is not just that Ted is assembling pre-made parts, it is his skill in painting.  Air brushing and adding rust details to make the tanks and planes and ships look real.

However, I am pretty sure my family appreciates my wooden models of ships.  I cannot imagine them mounting a beautiful 4 foot model of a WWII Uboat or the Bismarck or a Tiger Tank or a F 15 on their mantle.

I think I chose the right hobby.