Last night was a rainy cool evening so I decided to make an oven dish.  As it was also Friday decided I would go into the frozen larder and bring out a slab of fish.

We are fortunate to have a buddy Harry, who loves to fish and spends lots of money to catch fish from his expensive boat.  He catches way more than he can consume so often gives us his excess.  Lots of salmon (specialty Rat’s Nose), occasional Halibut and Pacific Cod.

I pulled out a big piece from the deep freeze thinking it was Halibut but once thawed realized it was Cod.  Nice big fillet.  Nothing wrong with cod.  Unlike the east coast cod, the Pacific cod is mild tasting and, if filleted properly, boneless and with an amount of oiliness that it can be baked.

So I decided that I would prepare Cod en Croute.  Basically means you wrap the fish in phyllo pastry and bake.

It is essential if you are using thawed fish that you dry it thoroughly or the pastry will be soggy at the bottom.   This was a nice slab of cod maybe an inch thick (this technique does not work with thin fillets.)

To add the flavour that cod normally lacks I did not follow any recipe but spread a layer of goat cheese on top and then a drizzle of pesto.  Then wrapped it and brushed the top with egg yolk and baked.

It was divine if I say so myself.  Crispy on the outside, with the tang from the goat cheese and rich because it is cod.  I think I would add more pesto in the future.