As the family will know, I am having a problem this last week with a pinched sciatic nerve which is giving me back pain and pain down the right leg.  I know Yadahh Yadahh get over it.

But it has cut into our Halloween evening.  No carved pumpkin, no ghosts and goblins in the front yard and no me dressed up in my dirty old man costume to give out the candy.  ( particular talent that I have developed over the years)

We have one glowing snapping Calaca (a traditional Mexican skeleton head displayed during the Day of the Dead)  stuck in our front window.  We bought this in Mexico years ago.

Pat is in charge of the candy, so we are giving out Granola Bars tonight.  Granted with a chocolate coating, but still.  I, in my weakened condition, could not source the Hawkins Cheesies that I like to give out (knowing that I would get to snack on the remainder over the following month)

Granted we have a Korean family on one side and a Taiwanese lady on the other neither of whom give out candy, and half the neighbours already in their winter homes in Arizona so we could be the highlight of the block.