This afternoon was interesting.  This morning Pat was off for her course on (Excel) Spreadsheet Secrets at Vancouver Island College (Comox Valley Campus).  (I know you all must wonder)

She barely gets home when I head off for my course starting at 1:00 pm on the wonders of our Solar system.  Great course taught by Joel a retired Physics professor from Stanford.  He is a great teacher and I would have loved to study Physics taught by him.  I cannot wait to share all the interesting details of the Solar System with our kids and grand kids when they join us this Christmas.

I barely make it home when Pat and I have to drive downtown to attend the weekly Council meeting at Courtenay City Hall.  A friend of ours is presenting a petition from our neighborhood to stop the 100 heavy dump trucks that are now driving up and down our street daily to access a huge area in the woods.  I will not go into detail but a very real request and we were there to support Brian the organizer (and by the way we received very good support from the Mayor and Councillors).

Now we realized that we would not get home in time to prepare a good dinner so I suggested that as we were downtown why not order a bunch of take out  Sushi from the Japanese restaurant and serve it with some of the prepared Korean soup we had bought from a specialty store on the weekend.

So we order the Sushi and they tell me it will take 30 minutes.  I drive Pat home and as I have a bit of time go down to the workshop to prepare a plank for the model I am building.  I am just about to leave when we get a call on the phone and I notice it is from Janine so I answer.  We chat and I take the hand held upstairs to hand it over to Pat so I could head off.  There is no one in the house.  I check the powder room and shout out Pat, Pat but there is no response.  There is no vehicle missing and it is getting dark out — where could she be?  Janine suggests check the house but I am late.

I ended the conversation with Janine (much shorter than we normally share) and I head off downtown to pick up the Sushi order.  On the way back I became very worried.  What if Pat had an attack and was lying on the floor in the bedroom while I was downstairs and then heading off to get the food.  Where could she possibly be???  What if she is lying there on the floor gasping for breath? Or even worse.

I pull into the garage and Pat is putting up a rake on the rack.  Apparently she went into the backyard in the dusk to rake away the leaves from the lawn and make a pile for me.  We have had so much rain I have not been able to get at the leaves.

I have to admit that I was relieved.  I could just imagine calling 911 and pounding away at her chest and following her to the hospital and then having to call the family.

Fortunately the Sushi would still have been in the car and cold so when I eventually got home I would have had a meal.

Better this way.