I have to agree that many of my Blog fans have wondered what is my next  ship model.  After Diana what could I do even better?

After a pause went back to basics.  Not sure I would ever do an Admiralty framed model again (open frames)

Many years ago ( 1987) I took on a model project of a 74 gun based on a fictional ship from the C S Forester series about Horatio Hornblower.

At one Christmas dinner my brother-in-law Ralph, proved his appreciation of my fondness of this series and asked me to make The Sutherland.  Now this is a fictional ship but accurate to the time and fundamental to the story.  I spent 6 years on this model.

Anyway, after the Diana, which I gave to Kelly and Dave, I was wondering what was I going to do next.  I read many books in the genre of English warships of the Napoleonic war.

So I am now building a frigate based on the fictional frigate Themis from the series of 3 books by Sean Russell about the period from 1784 to 1800.  Great books.

But here is the interesting part.  Sean Russell lives in Comox and has actually visited our home and admired my model of the Juno (the one model I keep).

So I am building a model of a Frigate built in 1784.  Based on plans from England from that series.  However let us face it, a fictional book so who can every say I get the details wrong.

Here is the first picture.  The last plank in the hull.    Lots to go…