It is Tuesday evening December 19.  This Friday, most of our kids and grandchildren join us for Christmas.  The missing couple show up the next morning.  15 of us in all.

Our responsibility is the first few dinners, including the Turkey on Christmas Day.  And trying to keep a group, that ranges from our youngest grandson Mason who is 15 to our oldest child James, (well let us not mention how old he is because that would make me feel even older), entertained with activities and great meals, is a challenge.

I have spent the last week cleaning my workshop in preparation for a group Escape room activity.  I have been given a test from my very experienced Escape Room kids that I must have magnetonic and Laser effects as well as supernatural visions in my room or they will be disappointed.  I am going to challenge them with using their observation and memory skills to escape.

With 15 people staying for a week or more, expecting to be fed and entertained, we have had a busy week.

Last Friday I baked a very nice salmon for Pat.  Because we live here in paradise, we can buy a slab of freshly caught salmon at a good price.  Actually not as cheap as it used to be because the fishermen realize that they can ship these fish to New York and make so much more money.  But still relatively affordable.  We purchased a 500 gram filet of Sockeye  salmon.  I baked in a light sauce wrapped in foil, and we could barely eat half.

Tonight, after returning from our shopping trip to Costco and Superstore, buying all the stuff we will need for the next week, I decided to prepare a Salmon Casserole for the bride using the leftovers.  This is not the boring salmon casserole that those of us grew up with based on canned salmon.  This was delicious with more cheese and cream than they would ever have used.  And, as it is on the buildup to the holiday season, not a diet dish.

Pat and I were able to quietly enjoy this meal, listening to Christmas music, knowing that we have done all the shopping.  Still have to buy some beer.

Gifts are purchased and we are ready for the deluge (and looking forward to it).  Pat, of course, is still vacuuming and cleaning daily in case the daughters point out dust bunnies to her… but I am ready.