Well it has been awhile since I last shared my wisdom with my blog family.  Too busy with my own family.

By the way I have been receiving emails that there are those out there in the greater world connecting to my blog and wanting more information.  This is a blog set up for me by my daughter so that I could prophesize  (or is that proselytize) to my immediate family and friends.  As she said at the time, “Dad it would be a shame for the greater family not to immediately share in your insights on the world.”  or I think that is what she said.

It is not intended to be a general public forum.  I will not be sharing details of our fabulous and luxurious lifestyle nor give information on the contents of the huge walk-in safe that we own.  Oops , to quote Hagrid, I probably should not have mentioned that. In other words, like the hedge in Tick…. nothing to see here.

Anyway the Holidays are over and we are getting back to normal life.  It is raining just like every winter day here.  We start back into our regular round of social clubs and activities.  I am missing the hike this week because my recurring bout of sciatica is still bothering me but it is getting better.  Honestly, while get old has its advantages,  (retirement, having afternoon naps, no boss aside from the wife to order you around, unlimited opportunity to express my views with not caring about repercussions) but it does come with some deterioration in the body.

It is a new year.  2018 still getting used to using that.  Pat spent hours updating all our calendars (including my personal Christmas gift calendar)  Looks like an exciting year ahead.