I am sure all of you have read or heard about the false missile attack message that went out to everyone in Hawaii on Saturday.  If you had a cell phone you got a message to seek a safe place as the Island was about to have a potential nuclear attack.  Hotels sent off alarms and there was panic everywhere.  The notice that it was a boo boo by someone pushing the wrong button in the emergency center on the island during a shift change took longer to go out.

Reports are that there was panic everywhere.  The Governor is demanding an investigation and some poor schmuck is going to be fired.

Now, of course, tourists are saying this ruined their vacation and I suspect law suits will be introduced to cover the cost of their vacation.

The wife and I would not have been affected if we had been there.  I do not keep my cell phone on so would not have received the alarm and I have lived through earthquakes in Japan with a shrug.  Life would have gone on and we might have noticed fewer people on the beach, but yeah I would have jumped all over that law suit to get a free vacation in Hawaii in the future.