Some of you may be aware that I was making an application to be a Saint.  Bruce the Benevolent.

Now it was obviously an issue that I was not a Catholic, but being married to a near sainthood Catholic I thought it would get me through the early application process.

Already had the miracles in hand.  I used to be a very aggressive driver that never let anyone in but since I retired a miracle has happened and I let every one in and do not swear at other drivers (with a couple of acceptable exceptions)  Even when we were taking Meagan and Jorg to the airport on Jan 2, Pat said she should drive because I was too woosy a driver (Meagan heard it).

But I have recently heard about the Saint Francis Xavier relic tour which apparently is coming to Comox valley.  I now realize that if I ever make Sainthood they would chop my body up and put the parts on tour for the next 500 years.  I can just imagine some poor parishioners at a church in Spain seeing my right foot decaying away and realize that it had a Titanium part that looked like a golf tee in the big toe.  Big shock.

So I have recalled my application, but I will still try to live my life as a Saint although Pat already says that is not likely.