I am married to a good Catholic girl.  Knew that going in as we were married in a Catholic Church by a priest.

No big issue.  Small cross hanging on the wall in our bedroom, got to expect that.

She heads to church most mornings for Mass which allows me to watch the recorded TV programs (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead) that otherwise she does not allow on the TV.

Sunday mornings I have the time to prepare a proper brunch when she comes back.  Lots of opportunity to experiment.

Friday night we normally have fish.  Now I like seafood so this gives a reason to plan a Friday meal.  Lots of variety.  Fortunately she does not ask for the salted cod meal that she grew up on.

Again no big deal.  She is worth it.

Occasionally I come up from the basement and she is on her knees with a necklace chanting away.  Ohhh kaay I think to myself, and go back down to my workshop.

But every now and then she announces that she is off to the church for confession. I always ask “what have you done wrong?”  She says “well I am not going to tell you!!!”

Now I have no problem knowing what I have done wrong or have sinned.  Pat is pretty clear on telling me.  But what is she not revealing?