I have not written much about the model that I have been working on for the last year.  It is a Royal Navy Frigate from 1790.

Now you may think that I have done this before.  My Amazon Class 32 gun is the HMS Juno (which is the one I keep in the great room) is a frigate from this period.  Then I made the larger 38 gun HMS Diana which rests in the living room of Kelly and Dave.

Last year I discovered a new author of 4 books about the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic wars.  Turns out the author Sean Russel lives here in the Comox valley.  Good books.

So I decided to make a model of the fictional frigate Themis he used in the series.  The author learned about my project and has kept in contact sending me details on the Pallas frigates (an obscure class from the 1780s) that he used for the books.  It is a fictional ship but I have tried to follow the dimensions but using the plans that I have from previous models.

I have done this before.  The 74 gun Sutherland that I built for my brother-in-law is based on a fictional ship in the Hornblower series.

Themis is apparently the goddess of divine law, normally shown with a set of scales judging fairness.  Not sure how I am going to carve her for the figurehead.

Anyway Sean Russel is coming over this weekend to see the progress on the model.

I am progressing.  The first picture is the main deck framing.  Now this is a detail that will never be seen.  In kit models this is replicated with a sheet of plywood.  After all it is covered by deck planking.  I also include a picture of the gratings and the capstan.  I am getting really good at this detail.

And a picture of Themis.  Any advice on how I can do these scales when they are about 3 mm high??