As many of you know, Pat and I are taking classes to develop our knowledge.  For instance I am taking a course at North Island University on Cosmology the study of the Universe.  Pat is taking a course on solving cryptic crosswords. And this is is getting crazy because every time she is not washing my underwear and socks and clothing, she is working at crazy crosswords.

Granted this is from a guy that goes into the basement and makes little tiny wooden nails to fix planks on ship models from 1790.   So OK

Today Pat went off for a course on how to make sandwiches.  I mean how complicated can this be?  Two pieces of bread, a bit of butter on each and put stuff inside.  I have been doing this for 65 years.  Now Pat has always told me that I do not butter to the edge,  but lets face it the sandwich tastes the same.

This course was how to make the fancy sandwiches that you get served at the expensive High Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.  Apparently an involved process with absolutely no peanut butter.

Pat is enthused and looking forward to presenting these gems at a future family event.