I am sitting in the basement working on the model.  I have a TV going on in the upper left corner.  Lots of CSI programs and baseball in the summer but Olympics now.

I can work away at laying an interior plank on the hull and look up occasionally as I hand-clamp the piece for a minute or so and look up at the TV.

There is a repeating ad from Pizza Hut showing the Tooth Fairy (pretty nice looking female fairy in blue) struggling over whether she should replace a tooth under the pillow with a $5 bill, or save it to buy a pizza.  The fairy makes the choice to go to Pizza Hut and leaves the tooth.

Okay, suspend belief, but when did a lost tooth become $5?   When I was a kid at best I got a nickle (granted Blaine was a little kid and whined a lot so he would get a dime) but that was the going rate from the tooth fairy.

Our kids were growing up and were spewing out teeth all the time and the tooth fairy brought them a quarter.  I thought at the time it was ridiculous inflation, but that was the times.

If it was $5 per tooth from the fairy when we were kids, I would have knocked out all my little brother’s teeth and split the proceeds with him.

I have three great nephews Oliver, Noah and Charles that will in the next few years come into the teeth rewards.

When next I see them I will offer to pre-purchase their baby teeth, because this is an investment that far exceeds the rate on savings bonds.  I just have to distract Ryan and Corrie during the negotiations.