Our local Probus (retired people) are holding our spring dance this weekend.  In the past we had a St Patrick’s dance at the local Legion where we had an Irish band and everyone dressed in green.  Good time but the comments were coming from the 85% of the members that do not actually do anything but want the rest of us to entertain them, that they wanted something different.

So we are holding a 50s/60s sock hop dance.  Take everyone back to their high school days.  And trying to do it cheap (I have no idea why)

Pat and I are on the event committee and we have been meeting since last fall.  Just like High School. (actually not like high school I was never part of the in-group party members)

We set the price at $20 per person for which we have a DJ that specializes in period music, rental of an old church and a meal.  After long debate about what would be a suitable easy meal from the period (I wanted Pizza) we settled on Chili.  So everyone on the committee is making a chili that we will serve from crock pots.  8 varieties of chilies.  With all the accouterments of cheeses and limes and buns etc.

And the decorations…  Just like in High School a sub group of the ‘In Crowd’ has been working on decorations.  I have personally made simulated records for everyone showing up.  Take a black disposable plate and add a center that makes the plate look like a 45.  Every record is unique to every guest that is coming.  I copy the one I made for Pat.  These will be stuck on the walls around the room along with lots of other decorations. (I know the picture looks like a plate but image it on the wall around the room)  By the way Orca is the name of our Probus group.

Today Pat and I spent hours making two huge  batches of chili.  Pat is making her normal chili that she has made in the past but I was making a Southwestern black bean spicy chili (granted not too spicy this is a club of retirees)

Everyone is supposed to show up with their 50s or 60s dress.  We will see how it works out and a future blog may show pictures.